Post Wildfire Recovery


Quiet Warrior Racing has developed its “POST WILDFIRE RECOVERY STRIKE TEAM” module in response to current and future impacts from catastrophic wildfires to sustainable OHV recreation programs on public lands. The program will help facilitate numerous volunteer post-fire recovery projects at OHV recreation sites in collaboration with our OHV stakeholders such as OHV clubs, volunteers, OHV Industry and other grant programs, land agencies, and conservation groups in the delivery and implementation of post-fire mitigation efforts.

Intense wildfires can destroy important OHV management tools such as trail delineators, signs, kiosks, and campground facilities.  Costly soil erosion and water quality trail structures can often be obliterated by dozers creating access routes for firefighters or blading fire lines around the blaze.

Your sponsorship and support will be directed to post-fire recovery projects that are centered on soil stabilization, certified chainsaw training for volunteers, resource protection, and other immediate and/or on-going fire related maintenance efforts.  Here are just some of those site-specific project areas.

Roads/Trails:   Restoring drainage - Clean the ditches and culverts - Pull floatable debris from uphill of the culverts - Erosion control measures -  Trail stabilization -  Hazard tree mitigation - Install route markers - Install public warning signs gates and barricades- Cultural resource protection

Volunteers:   Facilitate chainsaw training – Organize crews – Pre-work event planning and staging materials  

For information on program sponsorship or other support opportunities, please contact Don Amador at: