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Supporting the mission of Quiet Warrior Racing makes good sense for companies and other stakeholders who believe in responsible motorized access to public roads, trails, and areas. Don Amador has a proven track record when it comes to successfully promoting and protecting those access rights. If your company believes in the Quiet Warrior Racing mission and wants to support those efforts, there are several levels of corporate sponsorships available. Quiet Warrior Racing will only accept sponsorships from likeminded companies, agencies, or other interests that support the Quiet Warrior Racing mission.


• Platinum: $20,000 +

• Gold: $10,000 +

• Silver: $5,000 +

• Bronze: $1,000 +

• Copper: $500 +

Confidentiality: Quiet Warrior Racing understands that some donors may want to remain anonymous. Should a donor want to remain anonymous, Quiet Warrior Racing will keep that information strictly confidential.

Sponsor Benefits:

• A link to your company from Quiet Warrior Racing’s website

• Official Sponsor Certificate

• Logo placement on Quiet Warrior Racing’s website